We provide a fast, efficient and reliable gas safety inspection, boiler servicing, installation and heating engineer service in Norwich and the surrounding areas. We also provide plumbing services in Norwich too.

Our team is committed to delivering swift, efficient, and trustworthy solutions, ensuring your safety and comfort. Count on us for reliable heating engineer services in Norwich that exceed expectations.

We are Gas Safe Accredited thereby our work is guaranteed, why not give us a call today?

Heating Engineer

We offer a team of highly skilled heating engineers serving Norwich and Norfolk. Each of our engineers holds a Gas Safe registration, ensuring top-notch expertise and safety in every service we provide. Contact us for information.

Gas Engineer

Our certified gas engineers hold official Gas Safe registrations, enabling them to efficiently conduct services such as landlord gas certificates, gas cooker installations, and gas hob installations throughout Norwich and Norfolk.

Boiler Repair and Installation

We specialise in a comprehensive range of services including boiler repair, central heating repair and installation, fixing leaking boilers, radiator repair, and pump replacements in the areas of Norwich and Norfolk.

Plumbing Services

Whether you’re dealing with a minor plumbing leak or working on a complete plumbing installation, our team of extensively trained and exceptionally skilled plumbers is at your service in both Norwich and Norfolk.


S&E Heating gas safe register number

Our Services

Gas Safety Inspection

During our inspection, we make sure there are no gas leaks, and we check the pressure of the gas, making sure everything is working as it should. We also compare the burner’s pressure and gas flow to what the manufacturer recommends. We ensure that there’s enough ventilation, and we test if the smoke from the appliance goes out properly through the chimney. Additionally, we test all the safety features to make sure they’re working well. Your safety and the proper functioning of your appliance are our main concerns when we do these checks.

Heating Engineer Norwich
Heating Engineer Norwich

Gas Appliance Servicing

During our process, we ensure that the ventilation is right, and we clean out any dirt. We also look at the electrical connections and clean the parts that heat up. We make sure there are no leaks anywhere. If needed, we adjust how much gas the burner uses. We use a special tool to check the gases that come out of the chimney. Lastly, we test if the temperature controls are working properly. Our goal is to make sure everything is safe and works well

Gas Appliance Installation

In Norwich, we’re dedicated to providing expert assistance for the installation of boilers, cookers, and various other gas appliances. Our team is committed to ensuring safe and efficient installations that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Heating Engineer Norwich
boiler service norwich

Boiler Installation

If you’re seeking a free boiler installation in Norwich, look no further. Feel free to get in touch with us, and our team will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need. Your satisfaction and understanding matter to us, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way. We also offer boiler repairs, boiler servicing and gas boiler service in Norwich as well. 

Powerflush Cleaning

Occasionally, boiler breakdowns occur as a result of accumulated dirty water and sludge within the heating system. In such instances, we offer a solution: our professional cleaning service for your central heating unit. Our expertise ensures the removal of impurities that can compromise your system’s performance, restoring it to optimal functionality and ensuring a reliable heating experience.

Heating Engineer Norwich

Central Heating

We offer a range of services to keep your home warm and comfortable. From installing and fixing central heating systems to adding new radiators, we’ve got you covered. Our experts also provide check-ups and servicing for boilers, as well as repairs and installations. If you need a water heater, we can install or fix that too. Whatever your heating needs, our heating engineers in Norwich are here to help.


Boiler Service

A boiler service in Norwich is a crucial maintenance task to ensure the efficiency and safety of your heating system. It involves a qualified technician inspecting and cleaning your boiler, checking for any issues, and ensuring it operates optimally. Regular boiler servicing not only extends the lifespan of your boiler but also helps in preventing potential breakdowns and ensuring a safe, well-functioning heating system for your home

Boiler Service Norwich

Norwich Plumbing Services

Plumbing services in Norwich encompass a range of essential maintenance and repair tasks for your home’s water systems. These services include fixing leaks, repairing or replacing pipes, ensuring proper water pressure, and maintaining fixtures like faucets and toilets. Qualified plumbers in Norwich provide professional solutions to ensure your plumbing functions smoothly and efficiently, addressing issues promptly to prevent water wastage, damage, or inconvenience in your home. 



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